We are Proud Farmers

Scagric Investment Limited is an agricultural management and marketing company, formed in 2017. SInce its creation Scagric has worked on various farm projects producing crops which include Rice, Maize and soybean using agricultural machines and technologies

Scagric is designed to proffer solutions in the field by pulling together trained and experienced field agronomist, field managers, technical service providers and logistics managers. Working with various Agro input providers like Syngenta, Agri Seedco, Acts Agri business LTD, amongst others we provide complete managerial services to our clients

In 2018 NIRSAL engaged Scagric as their operating partner on their FAM SMART (Farm Aggregation Model for Smallholder Agriculture based on Technology) Model which invloved the establishment and management of 10 farm sites across Nigeria.

In line with the development of the agricultural value chain we have engaged to work on the new NIRSAL PHP3 (Primary production, Harvest, Primary Processing, Primary Transport and Primary Storage) plan to improve part of the agricultural value for NIRSAL Financed projects. NIRSAL is targeting to run multiple agricultural projects across the Value chain covering over 1 Million Hectares, Scagric is positioned to be a major participant in this plan.



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