Scagric Services

Scagric Investment Limited is an agricultural management and marketing company, formed in 2017. Since its creation Scagric has worked on various farm projects producing crops which include Rice, Maize and Soybean using agricultural machines and technologies.



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SC Trade and Export

SC trade and export is a branch of Scagric Investment Limited that was set up to bridge the agricultural export gap to the international markets which have a need for a lot of produce in sub Saharan Africa and Nigeria precisely.

Our core area of competence as organization is to succeed in creating a reliable and cost effective system in getting the produce from the farms through the aggregate house and finally to the international traders. We tap into a wealth of logistics organizational experience, personnel development and good use of initiatives as each transaction has its peculiarities.

Our Vision is to become a major name to reckon with in the agricultural sector while improving the outlook of export in Nigerian Business. We hope to achieve a turn over of 5 billion naira within our first 2 years of operation.


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IN 2018 Scagric signed a representative agreement wih Petkus Techology Germany, one of the world leaders in manufacturing of seed and grain processing.

Petkus was founded in 1852 in Wutha-Farnroda (Thuringa/Germany). Its mission over the centuries are clean, pure, healthy and strong seed with high vigour and robustness for feeding the growing world.



NIRSAL engaged Scagric as their operating partner on their FAM SMART Model which invloved the establishment and management of 10 farm sites across Nigeria.

In line with the development of the agricultural value chain we have engaged to work on the new NIRSAL PHP3 (Primary production, Harvest, Primary Processing, Primary Transport and Primary Storage) plan to improve part of the agricultural value for NIRSAL Financed projects.